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21 December 2008

``Charlie Don't Surf, But Aussies Do''

My name is Stuart Scott, and I've just written a book about the Peter Badcoe Club at 1ALSG and how people remember their time there. It is called ``Charlie Don't Surf, But Aussies Do'' and might be of interest to your association's members.

Just so there is no misunderstanding, I'm quick to point out that I'm not a veteran -- missed callup by one day -- but I'm interested in Australian surfing history and heard of the set-up at Vung Tau. As I found out more, about the surfing/sailing/water ski-ing etc, then the lifesavers, the pool, the club etc, I decided it would make a fascinating book. Since no-one else had done it, I decided I should, so I've gathered stories and photos from veterans, and the Aust War Memorial, and got the Amenities Unit/Badcoe Club files opened.

This has been a totally self-funded project, which will never make me rich. Breaking even would be good. No complaints, because I've really enjoyed the work, and have received fantastic co-operation. All that was a long way of explaining what I'm up to, and why I'd appreciate it if you could spread the word that such a book now exists.

Anyway, here is what I tell people: A new book, ``Charlie Don't Surf, But Aussies Do'', tells the story of the Peter Badcoe Club, 1ALSG, Vung Tau, especially the surfing/beach/lifesaving/recreation side of things, and even strays off-target as far as the bars of Vungers and the Victoria Cross awarded to Major Badcoe. It brings together veterans' stories and records from the Aust War Memorial archives, most never before opened. It is packed with photos, most in colour.

Price is $30 plus postage. Details: http://www.charliedontsurf.com.au/

Hope you can help, and thanks for your time,
Stuart Scott
1590 David Low Way
Point ArkwrightQLD 4573

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