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13 August 2008

Long Tan Presentation

Had a quick look, it will be very interesting especially for teachers and students.....

The contents of this presentations are suitable for school teachers & students as well as Viet Vets and others who are just interested. Not to forget serving members of all forces, including those overseas and in Allied forces.
It's a PC version only (a Mac version may follow, if funded), and runs on Powerpoint version 2003 and later. (Don't try to run it on earlier Powerpoint versions - eg, 97 - it uses features not available before the 03 version.)
It's large - about 5.6Mb - but it's paced to the viewer. May be an hour or more of viewing/study.
Click on Download LONG TAN PowerPoint presentation (I suggest you "save to disk" so you can run it whenever you wish, rather than opening it in Powerpoint?) If you download and view it yourself, please feel free to add comments as you pass the message along.
May I ask you to ask your contacts to also pass it on as well? It's good to see something worthwhile and free on the Internet - let it ping around the web for a while.
Cheers to you all, and thanks in anticipation,
Dave Sabben.

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