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Bob Nash (WebMaster)

08 June 2008

Web Site Update

This will be our third major touch-up/remake of our web site since it was launched in June 2006. Our last update was in September 2007. Each time I have updated our site I have made some changes which I hoped would make our site a place where you will come back to from time to time.

Tha addition of a Members Forum last year was designed to create a 'communication centre' for you guys to use. Unfortunately, it was not very user friendly and was only used by a few brave soles. I had my doubts about the Forum but thought it was worth a go to see if it would work.
My next brave step is to get rid of the 'Members Forum' and introduce a "Members Blog'. I know some of you guys are thinking - "he's losing the plot altogether" - but I hope that this medium will be more user friendly.

I'm also introducing a 'Photo Gallery' which will contain photos of reunions etc. I'll be using a photo sharing site called "flickr" run by Yahoo. The Australian War Memorial also uses "flickr". So if it's good enough for them them, it's good enough for us.

The web site itself now has a new look to it. I hope it's easier on the eye and less cluttered.
If there are any special featrures you would like to incorporate into our web site, please let me know.

I'd also appreciate your comments on what you think of our web site.

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